(translation from original language German)

1. Scope
These General Terms and Conditions regulate all legal relationships between Andreiver, A. Haldukevich (hereinafter: Andreiver) and their customers. They replace all previous terms and conditions and apply exclusively to these customers. Other terms and conditions are expressly contradicted.

2. Conclusion of contract
The contract is only concluded when Andreiver sends a confirmation email. There is no obligation to conclude a contract under any circumstances.

3. Booking requests
Andreiver only accepts booking requests via its own website; the requester must correctly state their full name, the number of passengers and child seats, and the number and type (bulky luggage) of luggage when making the request. Andreiver reserves the right to reject booking requests due to the number of passengers or the size, weight or type of luggage.

4. Reasons for termination on the part of Andreiver
Andreiver is entitled to terminate the order even after confirmation if the number of passengers and/or the number, size, weight or type of luggage is significantly higher than agreed. This right of termination also applies if child seats become necessary for some of the passengers but the customer did not inform this when making the booking request. Andreiver is also entitled to terminate the order after confirmation if the passenger and/or their luggage are not completely present at the pickup location more than 15 minutes after the agreed time. For airport pickups, Andreiver is entitled to cancel after 60 minutes of waiting in vain. Flight delays do not change the right to cancel. Andreiver is also entitled to terminate the order after confirmation if the passengers and/or luggage pose a danger to the driver, vehicle, traffic or third parties. This right of termination applies in particular in the case of contagious diseases, drunkenness, drug consumption, harmful/aggressive behavior and serious insults of any kind. In the event of such terminations due to circumstances that are within the passenger’s risk, Andreiver is entitled to charge the agreed fee as compensation. The customer is entitled to prove lower damage, then this lower damage will be charged. These terminations can be given at any time, including immediately before the start of the journey, terminations due to contagious diseases, drunkenness, drug use, harmful/aggressive behavior as well as serious insults of any kind even during the journey.

5. Cancellation by the customer / costs
The customer can only cancel time bookings (hourly rental), long-distance and long-distance trips, as well as day trips free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed pick-up time. For airport, city trips/transfers (one-way) only 4 hours before the agreed pick-up time. If the cancellation occurs later, the full agreed fee must be paid as compensation (loss of use). The customer is entitled to prove that the damage was less.

6. Customer and Passenger Obligations
Customers and passengers are obliged to follow the driver’s instructions during the journey and to refrain from any behavior that impairs the safety of the driver, the vehicle or road traffic or the cleanliness of the vehicle. The customers and passengers are also obliged to provide the driver with truthful information about the contents of the luggage so that the driver can assess whether it poses a danger to him, the vehicle or the road traffic. Customers are obliged to arrange pick-up times, taking normal traffic conditions into account, so that the destination can be reached without risk to the driver, the vehicle or road traffic and without speeding. In particular, he has to plan for unexpected traffic jams.
If a passenger/passenger vomits in the vehicle or causes damage, the person responsible (passenger) must bear the costs incurred for professional vehicle interior cleaning plus loss of use/compensation.
Smoking ban in the car. If a passenger/passenger smokes tobacco, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, smoking pipes or similar in the vehicle, the person responsible (passenger) must bear the costs incurred for professional vehicle interior cleaning plus loss of use/compensation. In the event of major damage or contamination, the person responsible (passenger) must bear the costs of repair or removal. If it is done intentionally, you will usually have to face charges of damage to property.

7. Payment
Payment is made by Paypal, EC card, credit card or, for verified customers, by invoice. Payments are only accepted in euros.

8. Routes / surcharges for route deviations, stopovers and customer delays
Andreiver will take the fastest route depending on traffic conditions. For an additional charge, stopovers and route deviations can be arranged even after the booking has been confirmed. Andreiver is not obligated to enter into these additional agreements and may reject them for any reason. If Andreiver does not exercise its right to terminate the contract due to delay, it is entitled to charge a delay surcharge in accordance with the agreed hourly rate for every half hour commenced after the above-mentioned waiting periods have expired.

9. Limitation of liability / No liability for traffic conditions
Andreiver is liable for minor negligence in the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, as well as for intent, gross negligence and damage to life, limb and health. Otherwise liability is excluded. Statutory warranty rights for defects remain unaffected. Even if liability is excluded, the customer has the right to withdraw, to repair/re-deliver and to reduce the price if there are corresponding defects. In the event of property damage and financial damage caused by negligence, Andreiver is only liable if an essential contractual obligation is breached, but the amount is limited to the damage that was foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded and was typical for the contract. Essential contractual obligations are those whose fulfillment shapes the contract and on which the provider and customer can rely. If items are left to the customer, the right to compensation under product liability law remains unaffected by the exclusion of liability. Andreiver is not liable for delays due to traffic conditions.

10. Applicable Law/Venue
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany. If the customer is a consumer residing in another EU country, mandatory consumer protection regulations and mandatory consumer protection judicial law of the consumer’s country of residence remain applicable. UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded. The courts at Andreiver’s headquarters have local jurisdiction for contracts with merchants
The contract language is German.

Andreiver, A. Haldukevich, Lochhamer Schlag 12, 82166 Gräfelfing
Status: Gräfelfing in January 2023

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