Hourly rent

A vehicle with a personal driver in full disposal with all your personal preferences taken into account, be it a couple of hours, a day or a week.

Conferences MSC

Absolute trust, confidentiality and reliability are the key points when it comes to the international conferences and significant events. During the time of the conferences or events the driver and the vehicle stay at your disposal and do not change.


Munich Security Conference (MSC), World Economic Forum Davos, World Heart Congress...
Munich Tours

Munich is a Bavarian patrimony. It is the pearl of the German flavour. Colourful houses, well- groomed streets, cozy coffeeshops and comfortable convenience stores around the corner. The cultural life of the city is extremely rich: countless museums, exhibitions, theatres… The locals love their history and culture very much and cherish even the smallest pieces of heritage. Munich is the most popular, most visited city in Germany. It is reasonably one of the most beloved touristic attractions of the country. On top of that Munich is a capital of the secret societies: masons, illuminati, Thule society. Our tour guide will get you acquainted with the leisurely Bavarian lifestyle.

Marienplatz, Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Old and New Pinakothek, Nymphenburg Palace, BMW World, Olympic Park, English Garden, FC Bayern Football Stadium, more than 80 museums in Munich...
Real estate

For many years we have been working with the elite developers of Munich. Our reliable drivers will help you to plan several visits to multiple real estates in one day. The driver will meet you, your real estate agent or your clients and take everyone to the real estate property. They will hold a door and offer an umbrella when its rainy outside. You will be able to fully focus on the details of the negotiation.



We guarantee maximum comfort and full confidentiality

Do you like maximum comfort and spontaneity during shopping? An experienced driver who knows all shops in Munich is at your service. He will take you to your favourite boutiques or shopping centres: Ingolstadt Village, Outlet City Metzingen, Gucci, Rolex, Rolls-Royce, Bogner. The driver will wait for you, help with your purchases and take you back.

The vehicle and the driver will be at your full disposal for a couple of hours or for the full day, if needed

Wedding day is one of the brightest, most significant days of every persons life. A perfect wedding gown, an elegant suit, unforgettable emotions and, of course, an eye-catching wedding car.

We offer sparkling, black VIP-class vehicles for your wedding procession

We guarantee the confidentiality and punctuality when visiting medical facilities for examinations or consultations or any other reason. The driver will follow your requests prior, during and after the visit: Whether it is meeting the translator, heading to the pharmacy or delivering the important documents, your Andreiver will always try to help you and to make himself useful.

For more than 7 years the best specialists in healthcare, beauty and orthodontics trust us with their patients

Neuschwanstein is an amazing building of the 19th century which became an embodiment of the extraordinary ideas of King Ludwig II. This fairytale castle is surrounded by mountains and lakes. It is bewitching as if it is a decoration to a Disney movie. It is wrapped into the atmosphere of fairytale and mystery. Breath taking scenery and crystal clear mountain air are the features that will make you feel as if you were floating over the landscape. At any time of the year it leaves a unique flavour of colours and aftertaste. The castle is under protection of the UNESCO. Millions of tourists are visiting it every year. Near the castle there is another building which is also under protection of the UNESCO. Pilgrimage Church of Wies is another unique piece of unbelievable beauty. It was built at the beginning of the 18th century. The wealth of the wall decorations in Rococo style is amazing. The main role in the construction and decoration of the church was played by the Zimmermann brothers.

Tour time: 8-10 hours. Tickets to the castle are booked in advance

Linderhof is an astonishing secluded castle of Ludwig II located at a distance of 100km apart from the South of Munich. This is the smallest of the three gorgeous castles with an amazing King’s garden which was built and fully completed during the life of the King.


Tour time: 5-7 hours. Can be combined with Neuschwanstein Castle. Tickets to the castles are booked in advance

Herrenchiemsee is an amazing summer residency of the Bavarian King Ludwig II. It is located about 90 km outside Munich on the island of Herrenchiemsee on the beautiful lake of Chiemsee. It is considered to be a `Second Versailles` and is the most expensive estate of Ludwig II. There is only one way to get to the castle which is by boat. This adds a special touch to this trip.

Tour time: 7-9 hours. Tickets to the castle are booked in advance


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