Welcome to the world of beauty, emotions and unforgettable experience. We offer tours around Bavaria, which is one of the best touristic destinations in Europe.

Concierge Service

We provide concierge services, ensuring comprehensive care for you. With our longstanding partners in these fields, we guarantee excellent service, attentive care, and mutually beneficial conditions fully tailored to the client’s interests. We can assist you with purchasing medications, hotel reservations, acquiring tickets for concerts or football matches, and booking tables at restaurants, including for Oktoberfest. Our services include accompanying translators and personal stylists to make your experience as comfortable and satisfying as possible.




We guarantee excellent service, mutually beneficial conditions, and full alignment with your interests
Personal driver

Entrust your car into the hands of a reliable Andreiver after a long working day, holiday party or a trip for personal reasons. The driver will take you to any place at your wish.

Your car insurance must include the option driving a car by other driver
Car Rental

We offer car rental services for any brand, catering to both commercial enterprises and private clients. We guarantee high-quality service and provide a full range of options to meet the diverse needs of our customers. The cars are always in perfect technical condition, ensuring safety and comfort during the journey. We strive to deliver excellent service and offer special advantageous conditions for our clients, making car rental with us the optimal choice for those who value comfort and reliability.

We guarantee excellent service, mutually beneficial conditions, and full alignment with your interests
Car transportation

Our company offers high-quality car transportation services with experienced drivers or carriage delivery, catering to both commercial enterprises and private clients. We aim to provide not only impeccable car transportation or safe carriage delivery but also to create maximum comfort and satisfaction for every discerning customer. Choosing our services ensures not only professional work but also favorable collaboration conditions, making our service the optimal choice for all car enthusiasts.


Trust us, and your car will reach its destination with impeccable quality and without unnecessary mileage
Organization of treatment

For over 10 years, we have earned the trust of leading experts in medicine, cosmetology, and dentistry, including the renowned ISARKlinikum and many other partners. We provide not just transportation services, but comprehensive support for your medical and personal needs. Our clients value us for confidentiality, precision, and attention to detail. We have automated the scheduling process for your visits, especially for you. The clinic now directly coordinates with your driver to organize all the meetings and services you need, eliminating the need for your personal involvement. We also offer services for purchasing and delivering medications. Just let us know your needs, and we will take care of everything else, offering personal delivery or postal shipping at your choice. Direct contact ->> click here


We take care of every aspect of your visit – from coordinating meetings and appointments to handling personal tasks like meeting interpreters, purchasing medications, and delivering important documents
Europe tour

Millions of tourists visit Europe each year to enjoy picturesque landscapes, crystal clean lakes, middle-age towns, fairytale castles and snowy ski resorts in the foothills of the alps. The tourist season lasts throughout the whole year. Let us guide you through the famous and popular beauties of local estates and beyond.

Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Rothenburg, Zurich...
Helicopter tour

Breath taking flight on a helicopter over the city of Munich and beautiful Bavaria: 1. The flight over Marienplatz, Allianz Arena, Olympic Park, BMW and English Garden. 2. The flight over Bavarian lakes and the monastery of Andechs. 3. The flight over Munich, Alps, Neuschwanstein, Zugspitze mountain, Garmisch town and many mountain lakes.

Tour time: 60-120 minutes. Please take into account that the flights depend on time, season and weather conditions

Would you like to get even more emotional? How about jumping a parachute? A flight on the air balloon? Bodyflying? Indoorsurfing? A ride on the Porsche 911 GT3 on the Formula 1 racing track? Or, maybe, become a pilot of the airplane for a bit? Oh, how about a 192-meter jump from the European bridge? We will be happy to organize all these activities for you, including action and a lot of fun.

Please note that all activities depend on time, season and weather conditions


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