In the “from” column, indicate the address and house number (or the name of the Hotel), in the “where” column, indicate the arrival address. Select the current date and time. FURTHER. Select the desired class of car, indicate important information for the trip (aircraft flight number). Select a Payment Method. enter your email address and send your request. The order manager will contact you as soon as possible.


The trip can be easily booked by phone: +49 176 34 79 79 34 (office from 8:00 to 20:00, Mon-Fri) or +49 176 34 79 79 34 (24/7).


Free: Cancellation of trip (less than 50 km) 2 hours before the start of the trip. Cancellation of a trip (more than 50 km) 24 hours before the start of the trip. Cancellation of booking for rent for time or excursions 24 hours before the start of the trip. Please take into account the travel time to your location. For example: Transfer at 12:00 noon, from Frankfurt to Munich (400 km). The driver will check out the order well in advance (at 08:00) before your appointed time


When booking a trip, you will be served with an executive car: Mercedes Benz S or BMW 7 or Audi A8; minivan Mercedes Benz V-class. All cars are not older than 2-3 years. Would you like a specific make or specific car model? Please indicate this in your trip comments. The car will be provided if possible.


60 minutes – waiting time at the airport from the moment the plane arrives (free). 15 minutes – waiting time elsewhere (free). More than 60 minutes of waiting at the airport from the moment the plane lands are paid at the agreed rate. More than 15 minutes of waiting elsewhere are paid at the agreed rate (unless otherwise agreed). Tact 30/30 – each started 30 minutes are paid additionally (from 1-30 = 30 minutes and 31-60 = 30 minutes). Please note that the time you specified when booking your trip is the time of your departure. The driver will arrive at the specified location well in advance. Changed plans? Please contact us in advance.


To change the details or details of your booking, please contact us by phone: +49 176 34 79 79 34 or send a message to


For maximum travel comfort, when booking a car class, please take into account the entire amount of your luggage and carry-on luggage (+ baby seat, baby stroller) in order to avoid awkward situations when the luggage cannot be placed in the car.


We will provide you with as many vehicles as you need. Please contact us by phone:  +49 176 34 79 79 34 or send a message to


The driver will meet you and your guests with a nameplate or your company logo: At the airport – upon exiting the terminal, immediately after receiving your baggage. At the train station – at the beginning of the platform where the train will arrive (indicate the train number). In the hotel – directly in the hotel lobby. Optionally – a meeting at any other place specified by you in the comments to the trip.


Credit Card – Card number, code and name of the holder are required. The fee is charged only after the end of the trip. PayPal – only your email address is required. The fee is charged only after the end of the trip. By invoice – a detailed invoice with details of all trips once a month. Payment after receiving. Provided to corporate clients. Cash – to the driver on the spot. After payment, the driver will issue a receipt for payment.


If you are planning to make several stops at different places along the way, please indicate this in the comments when booking or use the “hourly rental” service.


When choosing the status “INCOGNITO” we will meet you or your clients with a sign of our company “ANDREIVER”.


For the spotlight. Please indicate your wishes and important information in the field “travel commentary”: child seat (indicate age), pillow / blanket, restaurant reservations, you have skiing with you, or just orange juice 🙂


“Transfer” is one trip from point A to point B, includes a car with a driver and all travel expenses. There are no hidden surcharges, fees or charges for toll roads, parking lots and tunnels. For example: Driving from the airport to a hotel or ski resort, from city to city, from the office to a business meeting.

“Hourly rental” – a car with a driver is completely at your disposal for the entire ordered number of hours. For example: inspection of real estate objects, business meetings in different parts of the city, weddings, visits to sights and castles, visits to medical institutions. No additional fees or surcharges.


If you need help getting Tax Free at the airport, please indicate this in the comments of your booking. Our drivers will be happy to help you.


The fixed price is the final price shown on the booking confirmation. No fees for paid parking, autobahns and tunnels, short stops, work on holidays and weekends or at night. The exception is changing the distance of the route or the number of rental hours for a time, at the request of the client..

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